November 23, 2016

What Happens In My Yard – Animal Instincts

"Instinct - an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species"


Every morning and afternoon there are over 50 Mallard ducks that show up in my yard. I feel so bad for them as they are really hungry. There is very little for them to eat at the pond on the golf course down below my house, where they normally hang out. Last spring, I only had two ducks who showed up every day. I named them Mavis and Grady. And that was how it started this year, but all the other ducks found out about this new place to dine. I still try to just feed Mavis and Grady from a pan of bird feed and let the other ducks gather what I scatter for them on the outskirts of the yard. But it is like trying to herd cats. They are not scared of me and they constantly try to trick me to get to the food dish. The minute I turn my back, they invade Mavis and Grady's space and overtake the food dish. It is chaos.

So I decided that I would get a long plastic tray so more ducks would have space to get something to eat. I bought a black one last night and put it out in the yard with feed in it. Well I guess the ducks felt it looked like a snake and even though they were hungry, they would not come near it. I would pick it up and show them, but they just could not overcome their instinct to avoid what they perceived as a danger. I would put the normal food dish out there, first behind the try and then in front of it, but they still would not come to it.


October 20, 2016

New Website!

I am moving my website over here to Photodeck and am loving how easy it was to set up.  It has so much easier to set up than others I have worked with before. 

So I am excited with the new layout and how my webpage looks.  I am moving forward with my art and hope to have many exciting things to report in the near future.  It has definitely been a journey and my little hummingbirds are always here to brighten my day.

Many thanks to the people who have believed in me along the way.  It has meant a lot.